Private Pilot PPL, Glider Pilot (SPL, GLD), Motor Glider (TMG) and Balloon - Pilot Inspection and Class 2 Medical

I have been appointed by the Civil Aviation Authority as an aviation medical examiner entitled to extend and renew Class 1 Medical Certificates for transport and commercial pilots, according to EASA European rules and Part-MED regulation.

I try to have sensitive and professional approach to fellow pilots, so that the examination is not stressful or unpleasant. I maintain modern approach to aviation medicine, corresponding with the current state of knowledge in medicine.

What is the procedure of the medical exam?

  • I always set the exam appointments for a specific time and my surgery is open whole day. It is not necessary to come early in the morning; you only need to arrive at the prearranged time.
  • I make sure pilots don't wait for me and I observe the appointment times.
  • The exam takes about 60 minutes, during which I will be fully dedicated to you.
  • The Class 1 Medical Certificate is issued immediately after the exam.
  • It is not necessary to come on an empty stomach.
  • I don't require the women to be examined by a gynaecologist.
  • The price of the standard exam is CZK 2,200 and CZK 3,200 for the extended exam; the price is final.

Who can come to me for a medical exam for the 1st Class Medical Certificate?

  • Every transport and commercial pilot, without exceptions.
  • Anyone who is undergoing training for transport and commercial pilots, without exceptions.
  • Each holder of a Class 1 Medical Certificate.
  • According to legal regulations, the Class 1 Medical Certificate issued by me must be recognized by all authorities and airlines in the European Union.
  • I also extend limited cards and cards issued under the exemption, including the pilots with any health problems.
  • I extend a Class 1 Medical Certificate obtained abroad under the rules of Part-MED.
  • I extend all Class 1 Medical Certificates which have already expired, unless they expired more than 5 years ago.
  • At this time, I do not perform exams for the initial issue of Class 1 Medical Certificates. I recommend you to undergo the initial examination for Class 1 Medical Certificates at Wiener Privatklinik. They have a professional approach, speak English, respect they don’t arbitrarily add any extra examinations, e.g. psychological tests. They can also easily extend their Class 1 Medical Certification
  • Along with Class 1, I automatically issue Class 2 and a Medical Certificate for LAPL. The Certificate is also valid for gliders, balloons, ultralight aircraft, and parachuting. That means you don’t need any further exam for sports aviation. Now every pilot needs only one Medical Certificate regardless of the number of pilot licenses
  • If the Class 1 expires, Class 2 and medical fitness for light aircraft (LAPL) for the period indicated on the card, allowing you to continue the sports aviation.

What medical exams do I perform to renew the 1st Class Medical Certificate?

  • During the exam, I perform only the examinations prescribed by Part-MED regulation
  • I don’t perform any other examinations, which are not required by the regulation, unless the need for them resulted from the health condition of the pilot.
  • I perform clinical examination, ECG, audiometric examination, laboratory tests, eye examination, ENT examination and urine examination, as specified in Part-MED.
  • As a rule I never perform any traditional psychological tests.
  • I have all the necessary equipment and instruments for basic and extended exam. Unless there is a particular reason for it, resulting from your eventual illness, I will not send you to any other doctors and you will not have to wait in any other waiting room
  • I don’t perform any venous blood collection, unless there is a specific reason for it. Thanks to modern equipment, the analyser, it is sufficient enough for me to examine only capillary blood from a small finger prick.

Where and for when can I make the medical exam appointment?

  • Make your appointment over the Internet, in Prague and Ostrava.

It is also possible to make your appointment by phone (+420 603 423 470), e-mail ( or via Facebook.

  • You can make your appointment by phone every working day from 8 to 19 o’clock.
  • The address, map, public transportation, parking recommendation, and other details can be found in the Contact section.
  • If you come for the examination up to 45 days before the expiration of the previous Medical Certificate, its duration is not shortened, so by coming earlier, you will not lose any time period during which the previous Medical Certificate should have been still valid.

What should I take with me for the medical exam?

  • Bring along the things that you carry with you on the plane: ID card, pilot's license, the last Class 1 Medical Certificate, and glasses, if you use them.
  • You don’t need to have the "card" from the medical facility where you were last examined for Class 1. I require neither a medical report from the practitioner nor other medical documentation.
  • If you suffer from any serious illness or if you constantly keep taking new drugs, inform me in advance, when making your appointment. In this case, it may be necessary, under certain circumstances, to have a medical report from your practitioner. It is recommended to consult the procedure in advance, when making your appointment.
  • The Medical Certificate application form can be filled out in advance, using large and legible capital letters, or we can fill it out together in my surgery.

Which rules do the medical exams follow and what requirements are decisive?

  • They are governed by Part-MED Regulation issued by the European Commission.
  • This regulation is explained in more details by an obligatory document, AMC and GM Part-MED.
  • The validity period of the Medical Certificate is determined by Part-MED. The Class 1 Medical Certificate is valid for one year; after the holder reaches the age of 60, it is always valid for 6 months. For pilots flying a single pilot aircraft in commercial transport (with the AOC certificate of the air carrier and with paying passengers), it is valid for 6 months.
  • Useful information regarding the pilot’s health requirements can be found in the Medical standards - Guidance for the certification of pilots, air traffic controllers and cabin crew document, issued by British CAA UK.


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