Air Traffic Controllers (ATCo)

I have been appointed by the Civil Aviation Authority as an aviation medical examiner entitled to extend and renew Class 1 Medical Certificates for transport and commercial pilots, according to EASA European rules and Part-MED regulation.

I try to have sensitive and professional approach to fellow pilots, so that the examination is not stressful or unpleasant. I maintain modern approach to aviation medicine, corresponding with the current state of knowledge in medicine.

What is the procedure of the medical exam?

Who can come to me for a medical exam for the 1st Class Medical Certificate?

What medical exams do I perform to renew the 1st Class Medical Certificate?

Where and for when can I make the medical exam appointment?

It is also possible to make your appointment by phone (+420 603 423 470), e-mail ( or via Facebook.

What should I take with me for the medical exam?

Which rules do the medical exams follow and what requirements are decisive?